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September 15, 2012

Greta Burroughs has set up a BLOG for all ITP sufferers. Her blog provides a forum for anyone with an interest in ITP to share their stories Click Here 


Latest test results

September 8, 2012

Alice had a blood test this week and the good news is that her platelets are at 141. She’s not on any drugs and simply takes her papaya leaf extract every day.


Alice’s platelets are holding firm around 138 and she’s delighted with that. She is still taking the papaya extract twice a day and swears by it.

Her overall health is very good and greatly improved from any time in the past two or three years when she was very low with her platelet issues and the effects of the medical treatment of that issue.

She was troubled with a very persistent cough for a long time but she stopped taking Nexium, an acid reflus inhibitor for heartburn, and almost immediately the cough stopped. There is actually a lot of info on the side effects of prolonged use of acid inhibitors and respiratory problems like coughing and asthma are right amongst them.

My Mom (Alice) is funny! Her doctors are surprised and delighted with her progress and happy to take the credit, despite the evidence in front of them! During all the steroid treatment her platelets never rose much above 40 and the chemo treatment effected no improvement either, and subsequently slipped as low as 11 or 12 I think it was. Removal of the spleen was the next option! Around that time, she started taking the papaya leaf extract and since then has steadily improved her platelet count to where it is today. The funny thing is, she won’t tell them!


She’s now into the 140′s

November 16, 2011

Latest blood tests (Nov 8th) show that Alice is up to 146 (expressed as 146,000 in some countries). Great news and all she’s taking is Papaya Leaf Extract!


Over the course of the past two years my mom, Alice Kearney, has been on two courses of steroids and an intravenous chemo treatment for low blood platelets.  When on the really high doses of steroids (12-14 tablets a day) the platelets improve, going up in the 60′s.  However, steroids have lot’s of side effects, osteoparosis being one, and taking them on a long term basis is not an option.  The trouble is, as the steroids are reduced, the platelet count also drops.  The chemotherapy also had no positive impact and doctors were beginning to talk about removing the spleen.  Naturally, Alice wasn’t too keen on this!

Alice increased her platelets with papaya leaf extract

Alice, enjoying a birthday party!

We did some research online and found that people around the globe were saying that taking Papaya or PawPaw leaf extract was improving their platelet count.  Obviously, it’s a foodstuff and as such is not going to create platelets but from the anecdotal evidence out there it did appear to have a positive effect on the overall count,  possibly by protecting the platelets from whatever was destroying them.  Anyway, the how’s and why’s did not really bother us.  Here was a natural product, with no side effects, that might help the situation.  Of course we were going to try it!  We got it HERE – click!

The rest is history!  One week after starting to take a daily dose of papaya leaf extract, mom’s platelet count went up from 11 to 47 and three months on she is up at 126.  And, she feels great overall.  She was also on Nexium, a strong prescription acid blocker (proton pump inhibitor) and has also been able to stop taking that as the papaya leaf extract also appears to have an excellent effect on the digestive system.

Honestly, I didn’t think we would find a cure for low blood platelets but we did and my mother, with spleen intact, is absolutely delighted!

Result of blood tests in Aug 2011 - Platelets at 126!

Result of blood tests in Aug 2011 - Platelets at 126!